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Using Nokia BB5 LCD with PIC32

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Short brief :
source :
help :
– Leadis reference to LDS285 :
– Microchip toolz & CPUs
objective : using Nokia’s LCD with Microchips CPUs

Finally, objective achieved 🙂

Findings :
“Modern” BB5 Nokias are using MIPI’s MeSSI bus between MPU and LCD controller.
Although obtaining MeSSI specification from MIPI can be hard for hobbyist, bus is 100% compatible with popular 8080 Interface = Mode2 Parralel Master Port in PIC32… 🙂
LCDs of E51 or E65 are pin-to-pin compatible, many others (BB5-style) has the same pinout and connector.

– 320x240x24bit LCDs
– integrated controller with DDRAM (no need to waste MPU RAM for storing display data)
– cheap solution (~8-10$ for a piece of glass)
– simple interface, really 🙂

– such LCD require relatively high computational power

more info incoming soon…