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eclipse, j2mepolish 1.2.3b, debugging…. omg…

Well, after unsuccessful approach to connect together NetBeans6.9, j2mepolish1.2.3b i’ve tried to use Eclipse3.5.

Copied sample project, build via cmd.exe [ant build] successful, build via Eclipse invoking ant build based on build.xml successful, configured different J2ME SDKs (Nokia S40, J2ME SDK 3.0) running ok, but no luck in debugging…

One goal achieved so far… now the jar is about 30kb (using j2mepolish1.2.3b).
But I don’t like to debug via run&test approach, without any help from debugger…

PS1. Of course my fault… how to debug obfuscated jar ? no wonder why Eclipse was “confused”…
So remember kids, build test version of midlet before debugging…

Ecplise settings :
Debug settings :
-Debug / Debug configurations / Wireless Toolkit Emulator
-new configuration
-executable : JAD URL : IMPORTANT – delete “file:/” prefix from JAD URL…. yeah, Eclipse refuse to “Debug” (button is grayed), but don’t mind this – click Accept and Close, and then invoke Debug / new configuration from main toolbar
-don’t forget to set proper emulator platform and device under the next tab in Debug configuration dialog.

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