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Custom controls design & testing…

For a former Delphi-ist like me, creating custom components was almost an everyday routine, but after switching to more modern & versatile enviroments like C# (VS2010) I’ve found myself lost in the docs & lack of knowledge about such important thing.

However, things are easier than they appear to be.
There is one strange dead-end, called User Controls – well, it is nothing else but a control made of other controls – it is group of controls compiled under one typename…
To create & test your own custom control, you should extend already existing class (like System.Windows.Forms.Control or System.Windows.Forms.Button… etc.)

Suppose, you’re working on an application, and you wan’t to use a new control (e.g. slightly modified MaskedTextBox), follow this route :
1. In your app solution create another class (Add… / Class, Shift+Alt+C)
2. Name it as you want, like MyMaskEdit.cs
3. use your app namespace, or another else (remember to add appropriate usings
4. change the default declaration of your newly created class to something like :

namespace A
namespace B
public class DBTimeEdit : System.Windows.Forms.MaskedTextBox

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