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PICkit 3 has arrived…

And I must say, at first look & touch I’m rather disappointed.

The problems arises after takin it out the case. After plugging it into USB, the device become successfully detected as “USB Input Device” (that’s ok), but in MPLAB 8.56 after selecting PICkit3 as debugger I saw :

PICkit 3 detected
Connecting to PICkit 3...

and nothing more…
The progressbar walks through and through, but nothing was changing…
I’ve unplugged the debugger, replugged it, still nothing… restarted MPLAB – still nothing, uninstalled driver / reinstalled device – still nothing…
The remedium – system restart… (good old Win 3.11 M$ method for installing P’n’P device in the XXI century… o.m.g… I don’t know if it is MCHP issue or M$ Win7 issue… nevermind…, probably the later)

dsPIC30F3010 @ 5V, PICKit3 has downloaded its firmware (fair amount of time, comparing to old ICD-2).
Connecting to target board -> ok, pickit detected device successfully!
Programming – visible faster than ICD2. Bad thing – no of breakpoints supported by PK3 is equal to ICD2 😦 (in this particular case – 30f3010 – it means that I have ONE breakpoint available… one far from convenient debugging…)

Debugging – smooth, blazing fast comparing to ICD2, really! It is nice, moreover, you can use ICD2 & PICkit3 simultaneously on the same PC !!!
This is indispensable when you need to debug RF transmittion !

OVERALL : So far, so good !!! A- (for installation, which was kind of stressful).
For this amount of money, I think it is a good deal!

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