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Debugging PIC32 application user interface code

Consider this situation : you’ve connected LCD to your PIC, everything is running smooth, putpixel, fills, clrscr, etc…
Now you’d like to draw some UI elements like labels, texts, buttons, gauges, grids, etc…
One can tell – use Microchip’s GOL Library. Ok – it’s easy, when GOL supports your LCD controller. It’s more complicated when you need to write GOL custom driver to your LCD. That’s the first way.

You can always write your own code, providing you a full set of GUI objects, but there comes a problem : how to debug it easily, without thousands of programming your poor PIC and lazy, terribly slow debugging with tools like ICD-2,etc…

Solution is pretty easy – do it on your well known x86 platform 🙂
For example, install DevC++, install Allegro DevPak, use allegro template to create main.c, add your PIC GUI files to project, use #ifdef __PIC or #ifdef __PIC32MX to exclude PIC specific code and provide LCD driver layer that works with Screen bitmap from allegro. Fast, convenient way. When your library will be bug-free, it will be ready to compile in MPLAB C Compiler…

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